Au Souleu was built in 1936 by Arthur Teisseire, an architect working in Paris and Vence.
 He designed and lived in Au Souleu with his wife Marie Antoinette and two children, Henri and Claudette.

Au Souleu is not the only house in Vence designed and built by Arthur Teisseire. In the center of Vence, next to the parking area Marie Antoinette, you will find five more houses built by him. This fact is marked by a plate that states “Quartier Teisseire” at the entrance to the parking, which was formerly his land and is named after his wife.
 Villa Henri, a charming small villa on the other side of town, is another example of Arthur’s typical style.

Due to the inevitable events of life, Au Souleu lost its creator and his wife. Their son Henri moved to another house in Vence when he married Madeleine. His sister Claudette kept on living in (a small part of) Au Souleu until June 2013, leaving behind an outdated villa in need of care and maintenance.

Vincent, Henri’s youngest son, inherited Au Souleu and together with his wife Hanneke, he decided to renovate Au Souleu completely and open it for guests to enjoy during their holidays.